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No Classes available for ages 3-15 at this time. 

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Welcome to Havasu Martial Arts Academy & Ken Aitken Shadow Warriors International, The oldest running Martial Arts School in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where our instruction and curriculum are one of the finest available. The goal at Havasu Martial Arts Academy is to help our students develop Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually with discipline, respect, self-esteem, and good character. Our instruction and curriculum is designed to bring out the very best in all persons' of all age groups. You can learn the most realistic complete and effective self defense systems in the world today and gain the Knowledge and Secrets of Kung-Fu San Soo and aspects of Ninjutsu.  Master Aitken also teaches Tai Chi & Qigong, If you are interested in dramatic self improvement or if you have a friend or family member whom you would like to see excel, then we can help. Train where quality isn't an exception it's a rule!! 

San Soo Kung-Fu originated in Southern China about 800 years ago. At Havasu Martial Arts Academy we still teach a lot of those old techniques along with a blend of modern training. This makes up for one of the most safe, complete, and effective systems in the world today. San Soo is a combination of hard and soft combined with angular, linear, and circular movements. San Soo is a complete system with strategies and tactics incorporating striking, kicking, joint locks, takedown's, pressure points, grappling and weapons; it consist of simple but brilliant strategies anyone can learn. Train with Master Ken Aitken Self Defense expert, 8th degree black belt, Hall of Famer of 2010 and Sensei Shawna Aitken 8th degree black belt.

Effective, Versatile, Unique and Fun!!!

Benefits and how it will help you:
* Provides a means of realistic Self Defense
* Builds a sound body and a sound mind
* Enhances conditioning, flexibility, agility,  coordination, and grace
* Helps release stress and tension
* Aids in weight reduction, increases endurance, lowers heart rate
* Develops confidence, respect, discipline, character, leadership
* Teaches the ability to focus and concentrate
* Kung Fu for self protection, health and a balanced life