Havasu Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Hall of Famer 2010
Programs & Memberships From White Belt to 8th degree Black Belt Master     
(Children & Adults)

 Kids Classes:
    Kids Learn discipline, respect, gain self-esteem, improves their balance and coordination. Kids have fun and gain self confidence knowing they can protect themselves and others. They learn practical escapes, self defense, and training of stranger awareness.

Little Dragons Program: karate/kung fu:
        (No Classes Available at this time)
    Our Little Dragons class is for ages 3-6/7. This class focuses on developing self-control, respect for themselves and others, training on stranger awareness, first aide, fire safety, and a positive attitude while teaching the basic techniques of martial arts. Self Defense training is an important part of this class. Kids love it!!!

Junior's Bronze Level Program: karate/kung fu:
            (No Classes Available at this time)
    The Bronze Level Program is for ages 7/8-15. This class focuses on providing a fun martial arts curriculum while instilling a positive life changing benefits of the Asian martial arts traditions. Respect for themselves and others, self confidence, courtesy, obedience, humility, perseverance, honesty, integrity, and self control.  This class emphasizes goal setting and positive reinforcement of personal success while teaching children how to stay safe and avoid violent situations. They also learn self defense, ground defense, some weapons training and contact sparring. This class is Tons Of Fun!!!

Adult's Bronze Level Program: kung fu san soo and ninjutsu:
            6:30-7:30 Tuesday's & Thursday's (Temporarily) 
    Our Bronze Level Program for adult's teaches the basic punching, kicking, and self defense also grappling techniques of the martial arts. This program is geared toward the beginning student that desires to get in shape, reduce stress, and learn basic and advance self defense skills. This is a fun class that is an excellent introduction to martial arts training. 
Adult's Silver Level Program: kung fu san soo and ninjustsu:
            6:30-7:30 Tuesday's & Thursday's (Temporarily) 
    Our Silver Level Program is for the serious and dedicated martial art students' that has set a long term goal of earning their black belt. This is the next step after the Bronze Level Program. Silver Level members learn all the required forms, weapons, ground techniques, self defense, and free sparring techniques to earn their black belt certification. This class is definitely for the student that desires to go all the way to black belt.

Adult's Gold Level Program/Black Belt Club: kung fu san soo, ninjutsu,  ect.

        6:30-7:30 Tuesday's & Thursday's (Temporarily)  (black belt club) Thur 7:30 to 8:15
    Our Gold Level Program /Black Belt Club includes all the benefits of the Silver Level Program plus much more. The Gold Level Program is for students that want to learn techniques from Ninjutsu, Jujitsu and other martial arts disciplines, and take their skills to the next level. In addition to unlimited attendance in other classes, Gold Level Members also have the opportunity to learn advanced applications of weapons, ground grappling, self defense and much more. Regardless of their belt level. This Level of membership is for the students that want to take their training to the highest level!

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