Ken Aitken Shadow Warriors International (KASWI) is a type of training that teaches the philosophy,  principles, concepts, tactics and techniques of ancient and modern military special warfare: Ninja, San Soo, etc. KASWI focuses on, but is not limited to hand to hand combat. Besides working on an effective range of tools such as punching kicking, clawing, bone breaking,  joint locks, leverages, throws, takedowns, chokes, knees, elbows, ground fighting, weapons, evasions, and so on. You can also learn SWI aspects including:

    * Rolls and Break-falls

    * Posture/Defense and Offense

    * Spontaneous reaction methods

    * Dealing with multiple assailants

    * Pressure points Dim-Mak

    * Blade, Knife, Sword fighting etc...

    * Hand Gun, Shot Gun, Assault Rifle tactics

    * Weapons disarming

    * Weapon retention

    * Club/Stick/Staff Fighting

    * Rope and Chain techniques

    * Cover and concealment skills

    * Stealth and evasion tactics

    * Warrior Meditation 



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