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Vol I: Hand to Hand Combat

Vol II: Defense against Kicks

Vol III: Defense against Grabs & Hugs

Vol IV: Defense against Club & Stick

Vol V: Knife Defense- Close Contact

Vol VI: Knife Defense - Slashes and Thrusts

Vol VII: Gun Disarming

Vol VIII: Club & Stick Fighting - Not Available

Self Defense for Everyone

​Ultimate Weapons Disarming

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​​​Vol I: Hand to Hand Combat: $19.95 

Learn defensive and offensive lessons against common attacks: hook, punch, jab, etc. When applied, these techniques can knockout an attacker with a single blow.

Vol II: Defense against Kicks:$19.95

These techniques are designed to defend against most common kicks used on the street. Learn to use his kick against himself and turn the tables in your favor.

Vol III: Defense against Grabs & H​ugs: $19.95

In this presentation, you will learn how quickly a grab or hug can be turned against the attacker using strikes and leverages to control or knock out your attacker. 

Vol IV: Defense against Club & Stick: $19.95

Defending against an attacker with a club, baseball bat or tire iron is a common situation used on the street. These lessons are brutal and effective against someone trying to do you in.

Vol V: Knife Defense - Close Contact:  $19.95

Whether the knife is at your stomach, back, or throat from the front or rear, in this tape you will learn how to disarm, subdue, break or knockout, or use the weapon back on your attacker with brutal effectiveness.


Vol VI: Knife Defense - Slashes & Thrusts:  $19.95

One of the most deadly assaults is a man wielding a knife trying to slash you to pieces. Learn lessons that could save your life in a real knife encounter. These are powerful and destructive techniques.

Vol VII: Gun Disarming:  $19.95

Are you ready to defend yourself against a gun-wielding attacker? In this dynamic video Master Aitken will teach you what you need to know to stay alive against a real life-threating encounter with a gun. Defenses are from the front, side, and rear. 

Vol VIII: Club & Stick Fighting:   Not Available at this time

Learn the effectiveness of club and stick fighting for combat and street survival. Learn how to quickly and effectively destroy an attacker using a club defense against punches, kicks, knives, guns, clubs, etc.

Self Defense for Everyone:  $19.95

Defend against punches, kicks, grabs, etc. as well as deadly knife, gun, and club attacks. These moves will fit into any Martial Art style. A must see video for anyone really serious about winning street confrontation! 

Ultimate Weapons Disarming:  $19.95

​​This video gives you a look at the types of weapon attacks that are common on the streets, and how to defend yourself safely against them (club, knife, gun wielding attackers)

* Kubaton Self Defense

* Self Defense using a Cane 

* Self Defense Deadly Defensive &   Offensive Techniques

* Weapons Disarming (Handgun, Shotgun, and Assault Rifle) 

* Knife Fighting for Combat & Street Survival

​* Ground Survival

Ken Aitken Shadow Warriors International's self defense is an effective way for anyone to learn to defend themselves in almost any situation. The variety of training videos in this series contain everything from hand to hand combat to defending yourself against an attacker with a gun.

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